The Gray Havens Concert

March 15, 2018

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Category: City Church in the Community | Coordinator: Elizabeth Lopez

The Gray Havens are a husband and wife duo featuring Dave and Licia Radford. Since their beginning in 2013, their projects have been hailed as “an imaginative treatment of faith…[having] a visionary quality that’s both playful and enraptured.” They have a knack for creating a listening experience similar to paging through your favorite book, with richly textured compositions and multi-layered lyrics. Releasing their debut EP on Noisetrade in 2013, and their first full-length album, Fire and Stone, in 2015, the duo has gained a steady following of listeners nationwide.

Their newest release, Ghost of a King, debuted at #3 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts, rewarding listeners with immersive soundscapes and lyrical imagination. From poetic – almost Shakespearean – imagery to grand epics fit for a darkened concert halls, to pop music infused with loops and infectious beats, the album possess a remarkable range. In the context of that refreshing variety, the album stays cohesive thanks to its exploration of the human condition of longing.

Doors 6:15 PM

Show 7:00 PM

Tickets $15 -

Church entrance on SW 1st Street; Sanctuary on 2nd floor

What are my parking options?

- City lot at 5 SW 1st St. -- in front of our church, metered but free after 5pm. Lot adjacent (State Attorney General's Office) available and free AFTER 6pm.

- Free parking along side streets, particularly SW 1st Avenue & Main Street

- Strong chance you will need to park in the Southwest Downtown Garage (entrance at 105 SW 3rd St.). This garage is just one block from City Church. To enter this garage you will need to pay $5 CASH upon entrance (important!).