Our Sunday (5/24) service is now available online! You can watch anytime, or learn more about our 10am virtual gathering. Updates about in-person gatherings can be found here.

COVID Updates

5/20 City Church COVID Update:

Dear City Church Family,

We hope you are doing well. We sure do miss seeing each of you in person! I wanted to give you a quick update on our reopening process. The health team and the elders are making progress on developing our "reopening" plan for gradually returning to in-person gatherings, activities, and Sunday services. We are also continuing to monitor the developments in our state and around the country regarding the coronavirus.  We will keep you updated with new developments!

Last week, we opened up community groups to begin meeting in person for huddles, provided the gatherings were fewer than 10 people, followed social distancing measures, and preferably met outdoors (or, if indoors, with masks). 

This week, we want to take the same step for Sunday morning worship. We want you all to feel free to meet up  with a few friends in small groups to worship together on Sunday mornings. Here are some guidelines for your small gatherings:

  • These gatherings would need to follow all the same precautions listed above (no more than 10 people, maintain physical distance of 6 feet, and preferably meet outdoors or wear masks if indoors). 
  • Everyone should BYO communion
  • Hosts should sanitizer high-touch surfaces prior to and after the gathering (e.g. door knobs, restrooms, etc.)
  • Reach out to fellow CG members, ministry team members, or even someone in the church you just want to get to know better to for your gathering
  • If possible, we would encourage you to join in on the  Zoom watch party as a group at 10am. It would be really wonderful to see the groups gathering and enjoy corporate worship together. However we recognize that not everyone can do that, so there is also the YouTube video available to watch at any point.
  • Because singing increases risk of virus transmission, singing along with the worship music should be done outdoors with people spaced 6-10 feet apart. If indoors, individuals can sing gently provided they are wearing a mask. 

We will leave the organization of these different watch parties up to you all, since they will be smaller in scale. If you want to host one and your home is a good space to meet the criteria above, go for it! If you are interested in attending one but don't know where to go, reach out to others in your CG or to one of the elders, deacons, or CG leaders about helping connect you with someone that is hosting a watch party. 

Also, please don't feel any pressure or obligation to do this! If, for any reason, you are more comfortable worshiping with us from home right now (or that is the more practical thing given your circumstances, e.g. small kids), please continue doing that. And, of course, if you are sick, have recently been sick, or are in the at-risk category (65+ or have underlying health conditions), please stay home and worship with us online that way!

Our Lord loves you, and so do we. We can't wait until the next time we see you.

Yours in Christ,

- Ryan Harding (Executive Pastor) with the City Church Elders