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Faith and Work: Helpful Resources

Recently we focused our morning worship on "The Good Life as a Working Life." I promised to point all of you to some additional resources about intergrating our faith and our work - thus my motivation for this post. I recommend these resources for your own consideration, but be sure to discuss this topic in your community groups and huddles as well. Prayerful discernment and brainstorming in the context of Christian community is one of the best ways to pursue the integration of our faith and our work to specific vocations and circumstances.


  • "Every Good Endeavor" (Tim Keller)
  • "Kingdom Calling" (Amy Sherman)
  • "Work Matters" (Tom Nelson)
  • "Business for the Glory of God" (Wayne Grudem)
  • To Change the World" (James Davison Hunter)



Insitutional Resources/Websites

Local Seminars