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Spiritual Disciplines: Resources for Growth

In May we began a 12 week series called “Psalms: The Art of Worship”. We will look at psalms that address 12 “spiritual disciplines” (alternatively called “sacred rhythms” or “habits of grace”) such as Scripture meditation, prayer, solitude, and corporate worship. To hear more about this series, I encourage you to listen to the sermon audio from May 15.

We began our series with a look at Christian meditation, which primarily entails meditating on God’s Word. As promised, here are some suggested resources that can help you grow in your ability to meditate on Scripture:

Bible Study Guides

Looking to grow in your ability to study Scripture on your own? These guides can help:

Book Recommendation (to learn more about how to study Scripture and meditate on it)

Resources for Learning More about All of the Spiritual Disciplines

We’ll refer to both of these books from time to time throughout our series

I hope these resources are helpful!