Due to the weather, this Sunday's (7/5) service will be online only. Join us for a watch party at 10am, or you can watch the service anytime once we release it early Sunday morning. We plan to resume our outdoor service on 7/12.

The Make Room Campaign is Fully Pledged!

Great news! The entire $75,000 for our Make Room Campaign has been pledged! The pledged total as of today is $75,609.80. This is a remarkable blessing from the Lord – 75k is a lot of money to raise – especially for a church as new as we are. I encourage all of you to take a moment today to praise God for his generosity to us. And thank you for being so faithful with your giving! I am so encouraged.

Reminder: we do have about 22k remaining in pledges that has not been received. If you’ve made a pledge, please try to fulfill it as soon as possible. If you will need some extra time to fulfill it or need to modify your pledge – we understand. If that’s the case, please send an email to pledge@citychurchgnv.com so we know what to expect.