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Timeline for New Venue Build-Out

As we reported a few weeks ago – the Make Room Campaign is fully pledged. This means that people in our church community and beyond have made specific pledges to give funds that amount to the $75,000 we need to meet our goal. We’re still waiting for some of those pledged funds to arrive, but we’re encouraged and hopeful that all funds will arrive in the coming weeks. Praise God for the opportunity to move into a more permanent location that we will occupy around the clock!

Here’s what you can expect regarding the timeline for moving into our new facility:

1. Permitting

The lease is signed with our property owner (Saul Silber), as is our contract with the Anglin Construction Company. All of our architectural plans are also finished (designed by Dura Architecture), and Anglin Construction Co submitted the plans to the City of Gainesville on April 15.

Anglin anticipates that it will take the city about one month to review our plans and give us a permit so that construction can begin. This means that our permit should be in hand by about the middle of May.

2. Build-Out

Once we have the permit in hand, the build-out should begin within 1-2 weeks. This will mainly include contractor work on the venue and elevator, as well as a small bit of sweat equity (painting) on our end near the end of the build-out. This build-out process should take anywhere from 90-120 days, which means that the facility is projected to be substantially completed at some point between the middle of August and the middle of September.

3. Accessorizing

Once the build-out is complete and the venue is ready for occupancy, we will still need to “accessorize.” In other words, we’ll need to “move in” to our new facility. This will include everything from installing the sound system, to outfitting the offices and children’s rooms, to doing some interior decorating. We are estimating that this process will take 1-2 weeks, and will involved some additional sweat equity.

Bottom line – we are hoping to move into our new space at some point between the end of August and the end of September.

How You Can Pray

1. Pray that remaining Make Room Campaign funds that have been pledged will be fully donated.

2. Pray that there would not be any significant timeline hangups at any stage in this process, including the presently ongoing permitting process. Hangups are very common when it comes to commercial construction, so let’s pray that the Lord would minimize these.

3. Pray that we would be able to solicit donations for items (and potentially $$) so we can deck out our new church space once it’s ready for move-in.

4. Pray that this new space would be used by God to reach people in Gainesville for Jesus and benefit the downtown community in significant ways.

Questions about this timeline? Send an email to

For the glory of God,