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Boulware Fall Festival Recap - Be Encouraged!

City Church – you did a fantastic job stepping up to the plate for the Boulware Carnival on Oct. 23. Approximately 40 City Church people helped out, and the turnout from the Boulware students and parents was HUGE.

The entire Community Engagement team worked very hard to pull this off – but Julie Henderson led the charge as the main organizer for this event. Julie – thanks so much for making this happen! You’re a very talented fall festival organizer. City Church – consider taking a moment to personally thank Julie for her hard work.

By the way – events like this have a huge impact on our community. Here’s an excerpt from a Boulware administrator regarding the festival:

"City Church has been a wonderful community partner for our school. We have met so many nice people who have volunteered their time to help make Boulware a better place.

The students today were talking about how much fun they had at the carnival. It would have been difficult to provide the children with such a fun event without all your hard work and the City Church volunteers."

Be encouraged!