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Is Scripture Reliable? Join us on June 4th

City Church Family – please remember to join us on June 4 at 8am in the Community Room for a class and discussion about the reliability of Scripture. Marion Frackiewicz, one of our elders and formerly a pastor in Chicago, will lead the class. Unfortunately we cannot provide childcare for this class. We hope to for future classes.

Questions we will consider include:

  1. What do we mean when we talk about believing in biblical inerrancy and infallibility?
  2. What was Jesus’ own view of the Scriptures?
  3. Are the New Testament documents reliable?
  4. Why do we accept the New Testament as being on par with Old Testament since Jesus didn’t have the chance to commend it to us?
  5. What is textual criticism, and how does it help us know what the original biblical manuscripts said?
  6. How was the “canon” of Scripture (the books of the Bible) put together?

See you on June 4 at 8am!